Lailim Jewellery Studio

Lailim Jewellery Studio was founded in Montreal in 2014 by designer Svetlana Juma who specializes in creating exquisite, exclusive handmade jewellery.

Every jewel created under the Lailim brand is unique, and according to an artist’s idea, has its own individual history.

The Lailim Collection reflects age-long oriental traditions, exotic forms and colours of traditional Kazakh national jewellery, exquisiteness of the Russian imperial Faberge style and uniqueness of the North American culture.


Jeweller Svetlana Juma

Svetlana Juma

At the beginning of her career she learnt to carve Japanese netsuke, and later has perfectly mastered engraving skills - repousse work and hammered aluminum and copper.

After Svetlana Juma earned a Master’s degree in history of art she took a professional training in jewellery led by Yves Prieur (Bijouterie Prieur jewellery house and boutiques, founded in 1896) in Nantes (France) and at ÉMSOM School in Jeweller's technics

Svetlana’s move to Canada gave her an opportunity for studying a diversity of techniques and methods of North American jewellery haute couture artists.

Montreal is a multicultural and multinational city. It gave her a chance to get familiar and cooperate with artists from Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico and Peru, thus enriching her technical performance and style.

Her style is unique and combines the best features of various jewellery directions. It embodies both Svetlana’s Asian origin and her fundamental European education.